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Pocket caught in the side seam! That picture pretty much sums it up. This morning, I had not even cut out my traced pattern, let alone my fabric!! When I went to sew, my machine would not run–it turns out it needed cleaning and oiling! But, it was a fun day, nonetheless.


I finished sewing up two pants legs of my youngest daughter’s school-days pants. It has been awesome sewing this pattern again. Since I worked on the other one so recently, things are still fresh in my mind, and I feel like I’ve been able to fly with it this time around. I am hoping to finish it tomorrow, so I can start on something else. (And what might that be? I have no idea. The rest of my fabric arrived just this afternoon and it has not even been washed. Add to that three appointments I am supposed to keep tomorrow… Stressing already…)

Good luck with your sewing, everyone!

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