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I’m so behind on blogging, but this has been such an awesome week of sewing and learning. I’ve had a blast! (Though it’s been just a little bit stressful too, wondering wether I’ll have time to meet the day’s hourly quota–I have family in town right now!)

On days three and four–or was it two and three?– I completed two on-the-border skirts. I have been longing to make these skirts since last year, and I am so excited I finally got to them!


The pattern: The pattern comes from Mary Abreu’s book “Little Girls, Big Style.” Even though the actual sewing was slightly more time-consuming than the average gathered skirt, the hardest part of this project was actually finding the right fabric!


The fabric: When I saw this border print on Sarah Jane’s newest line , I knew I had to use it for this project. My girls normally go for princesses and fairies and that sort of thing, but it was not hard to convince them to wear this lovely print. The chevron fabric on the yoke also comes from the same line, and the yellow stripes were supposed to, as well, but fabric.con has ran out, so I bought the closest thing. I live how it turned out.


The sewing: the sewing was very basic: cut, hem, gather, and it was fun to watch the project come together so quickly. The worst part of it is that I am sewing for two, so I have to repeat all the steps a couple of times. The best part if it is that the second time around you already know and understand the pattern, so it sews up faster. I have gathered a few tips on sewing for two that I will share once the sewing frenzy is over 😉


I love this fabric so much that I am buying more to have for when they outgrow these skirts. For some reason, my two-year-old’s skirt is just a bit short; I can tell she’ll be out of this one faster and I want to be ready.


They liked them so much that they wanted to leave them on! (We took them off just before dinner. They are white skirts, after all…) here’s also a sneak peak at my next project: knits!

How are your projects coming along?

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Pocket caught in the side seam! That picture pretty much sums it up. This morning, I had not even cut out my traced pattern, let alone my fabric!! When I went to sew, my machine would not run–it turns out it needed cleaning and oiling! But, it was a fun day, nonetheless.


I finished sewing up two pants legs of my youngest daughter’s school-days pants. It has been awesome sewing this pattern again. Since I worked on the other one so recently, things are still fresh in my mind, and I feel like I’ve been able to fly with it this time around. I am hoping to finish it tomorrow, so I can start on something else. (And what might that be? I have no idea. The rest of my fabric arrived just this afternoon and it has not even been washed. Add to that three appointments I am supposed to keep tomorrow… Stressing already…)

Good luck with your sewing, everyone!

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