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Halloween Countdown

My eldest daughter is entering that stage where she wonders about time, but doesn’t understand it. When we started putting up Fall decorations, she thought that Halloween was coming “today.” I figured it was time for a countdown.

This is what we did:


We got the branches at Hobby Lobby (with the 40%off coupon they were about $4. Had we a backyard, they could have been free, hehehe) Anyway, I drew a sheet of Halloween figures. At first, they were going to be made into felt figures; then watercolor since that would be faster. Finally, I just handed the sheet to my child who promptly colored it (I thought it was hilarious that she made most of them orange. She gets seasonal color, I guess!) Then, I made copies, laminated them, and each night we put one up and read a Halloween/Fall-related book. Easy and Fun!


I tried to get up a download of the files, in case anybody was interested, but I don’t have all the blogging shortcuts figured out yet– this is the best I could manage:


It may be too late for a countdown, but the kids would have fun coloring it 🙂

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