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Happy Fall, everyone! I have been waiting for this since fall ended last year and I could not be more excited. Among the fall projects I would love to tackle is, of course, Elsie Marley’s Kids Clothes Week Challenge I have dreamed of participating for so long, but the timing always seemed to be off. It still is this year, but I am determined!

I would also like to try embroidering a fall kitchen towel, maybe making a table runner for the living room… I have some baby projects that I should be tackling, like sewing my diaper bag, or recovering my car seat (which is pink!) but I have not been brave enough to try. What projects are calling your name?

This week I am working on pants for my girls. I am using the After-school pants pattern by Oliver + S that I have had since last year! This is the second O+ S pattern I use, and it is an absolute dream. What a joy to watch the garment come to be! So easy! So cute!

Something I have learned these past couple of weeks as I have been sewing is that it’s all in the details. Let me show you:


Look at that shot of my pants; one side is top-stitched, the other one isn’t. I cannot believe that something so simple as taking the few minutes to topstitch that pair of pants would make such a difference, but it does! If I am already spending all the effort to sew up the pants, why not do my best? It was a big revelation for me this week. Sewing is a labor of love, and I can really make it count as I try hard to 1) follow instructions and not be rushed, and 2) take my time! (which is the same as # 1, but I am so impatient and need a reminder).

So, for me that meant that my girls went to the birthday party without wearing a new outfit. And that was okay! By the time I am done with these pants they will have something comfortable and beautiful to wear that we will all feel so happy with, and that is what counts.


There’s another picture of the view of the pockets. This is the cutest pair of pants you ever did see!


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There is a very special giveaway going on at What Kate Wore for a chance to win a pair of London Sole shoes. It’s very exciting! The shoes are fabulously basic and would really add style and comfort to a lot of outfits. (And if anybody enters and wishes to mention that Ledys sent them, it would be great 🙂 )

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Welcome to my blog! I’m hoping to make this a space where I can  keep track of my (many) interests and become accountable of the (again, many) items on my to-do list. Expect to find sewing, crafts, recipes, activities for kids, reviews on favorite books, and ramblings about reading, learning, fashion, homemaking… There’s a reason why it’s called “Miscellany!” Thanks for reading.

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