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These cute shirts were my last finished project for KCWC. The girls have *loved* them.


The pattern: The pattern is Oliver + S Hopscotch Shirt , which was my first successful knit experience. The pattern itself is so easy to follow! I have said this of every O+s pattern, but it’s so true. The first shirt I made was easy enough, but once I had sewn that one up, the second came together in no time. It’s love for me! I’ll be making this one many, many times, for sure.


The fabric: It was so easy to make these, and I think a great part of it was the knit I was working with: a ribbed knit from fabric.com. I know rib stretches more, and time will tell whether it was a good choice or not, but the weight of the fabric made it incredibly easy to work with, especially for someone without a serger, like myself. Also, the pattern calls for stabilizing some key areas with interfacing, which really helped.


The sewing: I am very satisfied with the results. These are the settings I used for sewing with this fabric:

-A narrow zig-zag

-As wide a stitch as I could use for joining pieces.

-A narrow stitch for finishing hems.

Another important tip (I read this somewhere, but can’t remember where!) that made a world of difference is to match your thread to the fabric. Because the zig-zag will always show a bit, having the thread be a color match helped so much!

See what I’m saying?

Now, I am not sure if I will hem these… Any thoughts on how best to do that?

Thanks, everybody, for the inspiration to try new things, especially Meg! I loved being a part of it, and can’t wait for next time.

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This one was a gift for a friend of ours who was turning five. It is so fun to make gifts for children! The shirt was made with a tutorial from Jess of Craftiness is not Optional. Super easy!


As with all of her tutorials, the shirt came together without a problem. For the fabric, I actually used a guy tee that I had bought for my daughters to paint for Fathers Day, a craft that never got done. I used the ribbing for the neck, used the existing hem– the only hemming I had to sew was on the sleeves.


I added ribbon ruffles to the neckline, coordinating with the skirt colors.


For the skirt, I used Oliver + S’s lazy days skirt pattern . This has to be the easiest pattern to sew, and I was so excited to learn how to make the ribbon finish at the hem. It looks beautiful! I am planning on using it for several other projects. The fabric I bought at Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago, and is actually leftover from a couple of dresses I made for my girls.


There it is! Of course, I probably finished this around midnight, so the pictures are a little dark, but there goes!

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