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I got sidetracked yesterday and did not have time to post “Making it on Monday,” so here goes:

I always have more projects going on than time to finish them. But, these are the projects that I have actually done some tangible work on, at the moment:

– Pleated bishop dress for my two-year-old. I love how it’s looking. I wish her sister’s dress were as easy…



– Fall felt garland from this gorgeous tutorial. I pinned this to my Pinterest account since last year, and this year it’s finally getting done.


– My daughter wants a stuffed sheep. I know. So, I’m crocheting her one from this pattern. It is a dog toy, but she does not know that 😉

– The socks are still in the same, pitiful state, so I will not post a picture for those.

That’s about it for this week! What are you working on?

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Happy Thanksgiving


The above is a picture of a small corner of my craft room. Our family is moving before the end of the year and I am rushing to complete projects I have before having to pack my beloved sewing machine, fabrics, yarn, paintings, patterns, until they get unpacked again in our new home.

I am grateful for creativity! Making things is such a fulfilling part of my life. Making things for people I love makes me happy in a special kind of way. I am grateful for my family and their love and because God has given His children this yearning to create, like He does.

Love this video about Creating.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving Countdown

I had bought these branches/twigs from HobbyLobby to use as a Halloween Countdown, and we decided to go ahead and repurpose them as a Thanksgiving Countdown.


We write down a blessing we are grateful for on each leaf and my daughter hangs it up. It’s been fun!

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Pumpkin Faces


I love those games where the kids get to put different faces on a blank head, but the pieces are usually magnets and I am very paranoid about magnets.

So… I thought to make my own felt game! The pieces stick well and I get to make as many as I want for as many combinations as I can think of.

I loved putting this one together and watching my girls make faces for their pumpkins.

Happy Halloween!

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I Can Teach My Child!

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This is the flyer I designed for our church’s fall activity:


I love how it turned out: eye-catching but simple.

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Halloween Countdown

My eldest daughter is entering that stage where she wonders about time, but doesn’t understand it. When we started putting up Fall decorations, she thought that Halloween was coming “today.” I figured it was time for a countdown.

This is what we did:


We got the branches at Hobby Lobby (with the 40%off coupon they were about $4. Had we a backyard, they could have been free, hehehe) Anyway, I drew a sheet of Halloween figures. At first, they were going to be made into felt figures; then watercolor since that would be faster. Finally, I just handed the sheet to my child who promptly colored it (I thought it was hilarious that she made most of them orange. She gets seasonal color, I guess!) Then, I made copies, laminated them, and each night we put one up and read a Halloween/Fall-related book. Easy and Fun!


I tried to get up a download of the files, in case anybody was interested, but I don’t have all the blogging shortcuts figured out yet– this is the best I could manage:


It may be too late for a countdown, but the kids would have fun coloring it 🙂

Tip Junkie handmade projects

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Easy Burlap Wreath

Loving thisawesome burlap wreath from Where the Heart Is. Here is a picture of mine:


It is one of the easiest crafts ever, and such great results! (Please, excuse the Ariel sticker and art– my daughter “decorated” my door and I did not have the heart to take it down.)

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Paper Pumpkins

This was last year’s fall centerpiece. I used a tutorial from The Knack (Michael’s) but cannot find it now to give the link. They were something similar to this from Craftaholics Anonymous. Very easy. My toddler loved them.


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Easy Fall Craft

This is a very easy fall craft. I made the letters with scraps of paper, mounted on bamboo skewers (with scotch tape between the different colors to give it some dimension.)


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