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Heart Bites


One of my husband’s awesome aunts gave usBakerella’s Cake Pops for Christmas. I’ve had my eye on this book for months and was so excited to get it!! My daughter and I flipped through it and decided that these lovely cake pops were too cute not to make. We did not have pop sticks, so just turned them into bites. They were super easy and cute. The book calls for a heart-shaped cookie cutter, but I did not have one that size. So, I free-handed.


I love making cake pops! We wrapped them up in tissue paper and gave them out as valentines.


It was a fun project, well worth the time and effort. Thanks, Bakerella!

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November Simple Swap: Healthy Fats


I love Undercover Mother’s Simple Swaps! This month, the challenge is to begin swapping unhealthy fats for healthier options such as coconut oil. I have been using coconut oil for a few months and have been very pleased. I have been pondering all month about a recipe I could share where I have swapped the oil but, the truth is, I have just swapped recipes!

We have gone through a major shift in our diet as we have discovered my husband is gluten-intolerant and I found it felt more exciting to cook with new recipes. It’s been a learning journey for all of us, but I really think we are living healthier now, and make more conscious choices of what we put in our bodies and bring into our home.

Anyway, back to the fats. I love the recipes I have found on Kitchen Stewardship, Modern Alternative Mama, and Heavenly Homemakers. I also use coconut oil for greasing my pans now. It’s fabulous! Pancakes don’t stick on coconut oil. Period. And I use it for making homemade, non-toxic deodorant.

I have been trying to incorporate meals to our meal plan as a way of eating less meat. I began buying my dry beans rather than canned, though it’s been a little difficult getting the family to really like beans. Small steps! A way I have found to sneak in some foods my kids would not normally eat is by using them as filling for rice balls..

I could do better on the butter. I thought that real butter was not so bad, but since real butter is pricey… I will do better on my butter use!

Thanks for the motivation, Undercover Mother!

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A Birthday Cake


My three-yr-old wanted cupcakes for her grandmother’s birthday. We turned to What’s New, Cupcake? for inspiration, and picked the artist palette, since Grandma is an artist.

(Sorry for the poor quality of that picture; I was trying to snap the photos secretly in the kitchen so she would not see the cake before the surprise).

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