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The only new thing I have been able to start is an explorer vest (an adorable project from Liesl Gibson’s Little Things to Sew ) that we will give to a friend of ours who is turning five.

I must say that this project has been incredibly fun. Working on the bellows pockets was tough, and I now regret the decision to use contrasting topstitching, but the project has come together so quickly and is so beautiful to look at. I’ll be making more of these!


I did finish our felt garland:


It was a quick, fun project, and I am glad I did it. What are you working on this week?

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A Birthday Cake


My three-yr-old wanted cupcakes for her grandmother’s birthday. We turned to What’s New, Cupcake? for inspiration, and picked the artist palette, since Grandma is an artist.

(Sorry for the poor quality of that picture; I was trying to snap the photos secretly in the kitchen so she would not see the cake before the surprise).

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