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I have loved seeing inspiration everywhere recently, and seeing how different people get inspired. When I was in design school, one thing our teachers emphasized was that we should never stop seeing and looking. Everywhere. Because, even if we were faced with a graphic problem, inspiration could come from the least likely place. To me this translates as having a variety of experiences every day–be open to new flavors, new music, browse magazines, read books, talk to different people, try new things, new routes… It makes for such an enriching life! And somewhere in there, creativity and inspiration will be waiting for you.

This week I have really enjoyed reading:

Sarah Jane’s blog . I give you a link to her blog so you can browse to your heart’s content, but this week I have really been inspired by her New Sarah Jane post, as well as her faq’s and about page. Her style is so lovely and unique! And she has been very brave to share her journey and stay true to her priorities and what makes her happy. Best wishes in this new stage!

Film Petit! . This is a super fun project between Skirt as Top and A Little Gray . Every month they pick a movie and sew outfits inspired by that particular film. It’s great fun! I have loved seeing the visual translations they have done. It’s so inspiring to see other people be creative! This month they invited You & Mie to participate. Do check out their outfits, they were fantastic!

– Finally, these posts about painting on fabric, here and here have me dreaming about the possibilities. Such fun!

I will leave you with this awesome quote:

“Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people” – Leo Burnett
( From this page.) What inspires you?

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Happy Fall, everyone! I have been waiting for this since fall ended last year and I could not be more excited. Among the fall projects I would love to tackle is, of course, Elsie Marley’s Kids Clothes Week Challenge I have dreamed of participating for so long, but the timing always seemed to be off. It still is this year, but I am determined!

I would also like to try embroidering a fall kitchen towel, maybe making a table runner for the living room… I have some baby projects that I should be tackling, like sewing my diaper bag, or recovering my car seat (which is pink!) but I have not been brave enough to try. What projects are calling your name?

This week I am working on pants for my girls. I am using the After-school pants pattern by Oliver + S that I have had since last year! This is the second O+ S pattern I use, and it is an absolute dream. What a joy to watch the garment come to be! So easy! So cute!

Something I have learned these past couple of weeks as I have been sewing is that it’s all in the details. Let me show you:


Look at that shot of my pants; one side is top-stitched, the other one isn’t. I cannot believe that something so simple as taking the few minutes to topstitch that pair of pants would make such a difference, but it does! If I am already spending all the effort to sew up the pants, why not do my best? It was a big revelation for me this week. Sewing is a labor of love, and I can really make it count as I try hard to 1) follow instructions and not be rushed, and 2) take my time! (which is the same as # 1, but I am so impatient and need a reminder).

So, for me that meant that my girls went to the birthday party without wearing a new outfit. And that was okay! By the time I am done with these pants they will have something comfortable and beautiful to wear that we will all feel so happy with, and that is what counts.


There’s another picture of the view of the pockets. This is the cutest pair of pants you ever did see!

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The only new thing I have been able to start is an explorer vest (an adorable project from Liesl Gibson’s Little Things to Sew ) that we will give to a friend of ours who is turning five.

I must say that this project has been incredibly fun. Working on the bellows pockets was tough, and I now regret the decision to use contrasting topstitching, but the project has come together so quickly and is so beautiful to look at. I’ll be making more of these!


I did finish our felt garland:


It was a quick, fun project, and I am glad I did it. What are you working on this week?

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My entry into Shwin&Shwin’s Link Party sponsored by Appliances Online.


A few weeks ago, I finished this adorable kimono shirt for my friend’s son. The pattern came from Heather Ross’ Weekend Sewing –a book I really like. I have made a few projects from it, and they have all been easy and beautiful.


I got my supplies at Hobby Lobby. Instead of making my own bias tape, I just bought some already made. It was very hard to find cute fabric for a baby boy there, but these polka dots were absolutely adorable.


I am finding sewing for little kids such rewarding projects since they are always so cute and fast. The pattern was very nice, too, and quite easy to sew. The whole thing came together very fast!


This is how I put it together for gift-giving. Cute, isn’t it?

What color combos do you like for boys?

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These last few days of summer, I am getting super excited about fall and holiday sewing. These are a few links that have totally inspired me to go on in my crafting:

Kristin’s post where she talks about learning and improving her sewing has been such a source of inspiration and excitement for me this week. Thank you, Kristin!

I am always debating whether I should try to become a better seamstress or a better shopper, and reading Kristin’s blog is a reminder that you can’t buy such beautiful things as you can make yourself. So, sewing it is for me! Reading through the comments on that post, I am thinking that I will sew through the Oliver + S syllabus. I wonder if anyone would like to join me?

– I loved this post from Coletterie–very useful things that I will keep in mind as I try to improve my sewing.

This tutorial by Mama Says Sew for a shirted peasant top looks so easy and lovely!


I have been hoarding some of Natalie Lymer’s woodland fabric that I got earlier this year, and I think it would be perfect for this project. What do you think?

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I got sidetracked yesterday and did not have time to post “Making it on Monday,” so here goes:

I always have more projects going on than time to finish them. But, these are the projects that I have actually done some tangible work on, at the moment:

– Pleated bishop dress for my two-year-old. I love how it’s looking. I wish her sister’s dress were as easy…



– Fall felt garland from this gorgeous tutorial. I pinned this to my Pinterest account since last year, and this year it’s finally getting done.


– My daughter wants a stuffed sheep. I know. So, I’m crocheting her one from this pattern. It is a dog toy, but she does not know that 😉

– The socks are still in the same, pitiful state, so I will not post a picture for those.

That’s about it for this week! What are you working on?

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I finished these two a while ago and never got around to posting the pictures. I *love* how they turned out!

This was my first experience sewing from an Oliver + S pattern and I have to say that it is love, love, love. I finished the main construction/sewing of the two dresses in two days! The pattern comes together like a dream and, I have to say, the challenging neck tie/placket were quite easy to put together thanks to the awesome instructions.


Sometimes it wears me out to have to make two of the same every time, but it’s so worth it. This fabric was lovely and perfect for the project: Michael Miller’s Children at Play, from fabric.com. I have some yardage left… Maybe shirts for the girls? I think I have just enough!


Here are pictures of some of my favorite details: love the finishing on the sleeves.


The placket is adorable, and that cute neck-tie completes the look of this dress so well.


Finally, I used blue and white buttons to finish it off, making reference to the playful pinwheels.



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