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Both dresses are ready! And we have a portrait appointment for tomorrow evening. (That is what we are wearing. I love my teal cardigan and how well it all goes. I love this color scheme!) We should be getting Christmas cards back next Thursday *sigh of relief*


The fabric is plaid dupioni silk from Fabric.com The pattern was awesome and so easy to sew. It is the Sweet Little Dress from Leila and Ben . I made a few modifications to it:


I added three rows of ruffles to the top.


I also lined it with red pongee fabric. I sewed both fabrics together at the top before working on the casing.


I added tulle ruffles to the lining. Cute!!


And, inspired by Probably Actually , I embroidered a tag for the dresses. My daughters’ names seemed too long last night, so I just embroidered the personal logo I had to create for myself back in college (my major was Graphic Design and a personal logo/identity was one of our assignments).


I loved working on these, and I’ll definitely be using this pattern again.

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For the love of yarn


I have been working on making these gorgeous Linen Stitch Bookmarks from More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson to give as gifts to friends this Christmas. I have to own this book at some point. All the projects are absolutely beautiful and, to a novice knitter like myself, sampling all the various yarns is simply a delight.


The yarn is a Juniper from Alchemy Yarns of Transformation. It is amazing! Linen-stitch is time consuming, but the result is such a lovely weave! There is a bit of a mistake on the wrong side in this one; can you spot it? 😉


I love knitting. The portability of this craft is extremely appealing to me. I may move on to knitting socks next. Any good pattern recommendations?

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Monday Focus


This week I’ll be focusing on finishing all my random crafting projects before I have to pack my sewing machine for the move. I have so many projects, it will be interesting to see which get finished…

The above is a picture of the fabrics I am using for my daughters’ Christmas picture outfits. That is one project I definitely need to finish! I ordered fabric from Fabric.com and was very satisfied with the service. I’ll be ordering from them again!

What projects are on your to-do list? What are your go-to fabric sources?

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Happy Thanksgiving


The above is a picture of a small corner of my craft room. Our family is moving before the end of the year and I am rushing to complete projects I have before having to pack my beloved sewing machine, fabrics, yarn, paintings, patterns, until they get unpacked again in our new home.

I am grateful for creativity! Making things is such a fulfilling part of my life. Making things for people I love makes me happy in a special kind of way. I am grateful for my family and their love and because God has given His children this yearning to create, like He does.

Love this video about Creating.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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November Simple Swap: Healthy Fats


I love Undercover Mother’s Simple Swaps! This month, the challenge is to begin swapping unhealthy fats for healthier options such as coconut oil. I have been using coconut oil for a few months and have been very pleased. I have been pondering all month about a recipe I could share where I have swapped the oil but, the truth is, I have just swapped recipes!

We have gone through a major shift in our diet as we have discovered my husband is gluten-intolerant and I found it felt more exciting to cook with new recipes. It’s been a learning journey for all of us, but I really think we are living healthier now, and make more conscious choices of what we put in our bodies and bring into our home.

Anyway, back to the fats. I love the recipes I have found on Kitchen Stewardship, Modern Alternative Mama, and Heavenly Homemakers. I also use coconut oil for greasing my pans now. It’s fabulous! Pancakes don’t stick on coconut oil. Period. And I use it for making homemade, non-toxic deodorant.

I have been trying to incorporate meals to our meal plan as a way of eating less meat. I began buying my dry beans rather than canned, though it’s been a little difficult getting the family to really like beans. Small steps! A way I have found to sneak in some foods my kids would not normally eat is by using them as filling for rice balls..

I could do better on the butter. I thought that real butter was not so bad, but since real butter is pricey… I will do better on my butter use!

Thanks for the motivation, Undercover Mother!

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Thanksgiving Countdown

I had bought these branches/twigs from HobbyLobby to use as a Halloween Countdown, and we decided to go ahead and repurpose them as a Thanksgiving Countdown.


We write down a blessing we are grateful for on each leaf and my daughter hangs it up. It’s been fun!

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Inspired by this post from one of my favorite blogs, Homemade by Jill, I gave doll-making a try.

My daughters are obsessed with Mermaids and this adorable Mermaiden from Wee Wonderfuls was a joy to make. It was fun and easy from start to finish, and I even learned a new stitch: ladder stitch.


I loved making toys! And I am also curious about something: when you make something for one of your children, do you feel like you have to make the other one something too? I could not make just one of these mermaids, but the same happens if I make a dress, or a skirt, or a game… I always double-craft! And feel bad when I don’t. I wonder if this happens to anyone else?


Hillary Lang, author of Wee Wonderfuls, has a lovely blog.

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I loved Heather Ross’ book, Weekend Sewing. All the projects I have made from this book have turned out great, have been fast sewing, and fun.

Here is a picture of some pajama pants I made for me using Heather’s pattern. The picture is awful, but the pants were super easy to made and so comfortable to wear.


I’ll definitely make more of these!

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I must have received about a dozen receiving blankets when my first child was born. They are adorable, but such an odd, impractical size that it was hard to figure out what to do with them. They were too small for swaddling, too big for burp cloths, too thin for using as towels… I held on to them for a while until a need arose: Storage!

I needed a place to gather busy bag activities, small toys, and the like, and it occurred to me that I could turn the blankets into drawstring pouches. It was a very easy project. I followed instructions from one of my favorite books, Heather Ross’ Weekend Sewing, but it’s such a simple process that instructions are probably not necessary, especially for someone who crafts.

I love my “new” stash of drawstring bags. They’re cute, and free!


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A Birthday Cake


My three-yr-old wanted cupcakes for her grandmother’s birthday. We turned to What’s New, Cupcake? for inspiration, and picked the artist palette, since Grandma is an artist.

(Sorry for the poor quality of that picture; I was trying to snap the photos secretly in the kitchen so she would not see the cake before the surprise).

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